Community management launched during pandemic fulfills need for employee well-being

Jan 8, 2024

A leading U.S. mortgage financer was relocating thousands of employees to new campuses in Texas and Washington, DC. See how a robust hospitality solution helped acclimate their employees to their new space and improve their work-life balance.

The background:

A leading mortgage financer in the U.S. was relocating thousands of employees to new campuses in Texas and Washington, DC. Prior to the move, they had managed their culinary and facilities areas, but had no true hospitality component that would tie the employee experience together. When they completed the relocation, they wanted to welcome all employees back by giving them a more robust hospitality solution that would help them acclimate to their new space and improve their work-life balance. They sought a program that provided value to both employees and the organization.

The Circles solution:

Circles began supporting employees, visitors and guests in these new locations by manning their lobby welcome desks, issuing visitor badges, signing for packages and providing way-finding support. As usage of those services increased, more on-site services were added including dry cleaning services, car washes, employee events and more. To provide additional support to remote and hybrid employees, virtual team building events and activities followed. High levels of participation validated the critical importance of employee engagement, employee well-being and employee appreciation. A third community manager soon followed at their Virginia location. Their community management program includes:

  • A dedicated Community Manager role that supports employees throughout their entire employee journey
  • An on-line community portal connects employees with resources and information on work-life balance programs
  • A robust schedule of on-site community events and activities connects employees with their co-workers, their community and with unique services that add value to their lives
  • Weekly event announcements and monthly e-newsletters contain exclusive time- and money-saving offers
  • A personalized web and mobile experience is supported 24/7 by Circles work-life balance advocates

The outcome:

The program supports over 14,000 people who work remote, hybrid or on-site in Virginia, Washington, DC or Texas locations.  Program successes to-date include:

  • 4-5 star experience rated by employees attending events
  • 2,500 registered users receive ecommunications
  • 6,000 employees attended virtual events over 18 months


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