Community management program

Community at workbuilding connections

When your employees feel they're part of a community, you see a happier, healthier, more engaged workforce — and a better bottom line.

Cultivate a thriving culture

Improve your organisational culture, boost employee engagement, and reduce day-to-day stress. When employees have a sense of community at work:

58% more likely to thrive at work
55% more engaged
67% more likely to stay with organisation
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"Sometimes, there is a hero who stands out. Our Circles' community manager, embodies this role. She dedicates herself to welcoming, animating, and facilitating our community. "

What a community manager does

Foster company culture

They create moments that matter by anticipating employee needs, capturing feedback, and continuously improving the workplace experience.

Connect and support employees

From amenities and AV to supporting facilities management and meeting services, they ensure employees are connected.

Elevate employee experience

Plan in-person and remote events, design team-building activities, and facilitate communication between departments.

Community management case study

Balanced work. Increased productivity.

Circles enabled a multinational finance firm to generate an 85% return on investment.

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