Executive Personal Assistant

Unlock convenience and efficiency with Circles' service of corporate personal assistants

Discover a world of personalized support for your employees with our team of dedicated personal assistants. From home organization to corporate events, to travel arrangements and even birthday or wedding planning, our assistants are here to save your employees time and implement tailored solutions that are bound to exceed their expectations.

Our team of personal assistants comprises specialists in the concierge profession, each committed to finding the best solutions for your employee’s unique needs. They are well-versed in various domains, including:  

Home Solutions:
Organizing and optimizing living spaces for maximum comfort and convenience.  

Corporate Events:
Managing and coordinating company conventions, ensuring seamless execution.  

Travel Arrangements:
Handling every aspect of travel plans, from booking to logistics.  

Planning and organizing unforgettable birthdays or weddings, tailored to employee’s vision.  

Our personal assistants are dedicated to delivering personalized solutions that prioritize your employee’s satisfaction.

Our personal assistants are more than just service providers; they are true customer relations specialists. They are committed to understanding the unique needs and preferences of your employees, ensuring that every solution is a perfect fit for you. Each assistant brings their own specialization to the table, with some excelling in travel arrangements, while others are experts at securing reservations at the finest restaurants or obtaining elusive tickets. Their adaptability ensures that they can handle even the most unconventional requests, making the experience truly exceptional.  

Embrace the convenience and efficiency of personal assistant services, offered by our team of concierge specialists. Whether your employees require assistance at home, for corporate events, during your travels, or for any special occasion, our personal assistants are available to provide them with personalized solutions that cater to their unique needs.  

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