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Context Le Social Hub est un espace de co-working interne dédié à héberger des collaborateurs pour des workshops, des projets entrepreneuriaux internes, des espaces détente.

Spécification du poste

What is the Social Hub?

The Social Hub is an internal co-working space dedicated to hosting employees for workshops, internal entrepreneurial projects, relaxation areas, etc. The 300m² space is divided into 4 themed areas, promoting well-being, internal community life, collaboration, and innovation projects. It is an opportunity for employees to try out new ways of working in a dedicated environment, to take advantage of convivial events and innovative partnerships.

Hub Officer Responsibilities

The role of the Hub Officer is to animate and bring the social hub to life by creating a community of sharing, resources, experiences and knowledge. Its day-to-day missions are as follows:
Create a meeting place dedicated to exchange and internal networking
Facilitate the dynamic of creativity and innovation in project groups for employees, customers and possibly their partners (start-ups, customers, etc.)
Offering a living space that promotes collaborative work in an environment adapted to new ways of working 
Provide access throughout the day to a rejuvenating space (health/well-being) and to services that improve the quality of life at work (scalable catering, personal services, etc.)
Carry out and coordinate activities on personal and professional themes to support the company's transformation needs.
Have a perfect knowledge of all the residents in order to be able to create relevant connections between them (supply/demand for skills, understanding of the issues/objectives of each of the resident teams, etc.)
Animate the life of the space by knowing how to unite the various employees and build a real team spirit and cohesion
Ensure internal communication
Guarantee the rules of life, and ensure the proper functioning of the equipment available at the beginning and end of the day and initiate interventions if necessary
Manage the usage or rental schedule: quote, planning, booking, issuing invoices.


Coming from a background in business or communication with a first experience in events/communication/project management/community animation
You have excellent interpersonal skills, like contact and know how to unite people around you
You are organized, autonomous and rigorous
You are proactive, reactive and creative
You have a strong event culture, and a good knowledge of collaboration tools
Strong spirit of service, and positive attitude
English speaking required

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