Our story

We've always been a people company. Since we opened our doors, we've dedicated ourselves to putting people at the heart of everything we do.  We’re creating positive and inspiring employee experiences that enable organizations to flourish. In the workplace of the future, everyone should live better, work better and feel better. We can take you there.

Balance. It’s a simple idea that everyone wants to achieve.

Nurturing and developing balance is an absolute must have for forward looking employers that want to attract, engage, retain and flourish long term. Circles can make a real difference. We save time and take care of distractions.We’re fostering connections among employees and creating communities in the workplace with purpose and belonging.

"We give organizations the tools to cultivate an environment characterized by balance, engagement, and growth."
Yohan Dehé
CEO, Circles

Our core values make us who we are


We actively listen and are aware of other people’s perspectives.


Interested and interesting.


Well connected, ready to improvise and relentlessly  dedicated to getting it right.


Fun, charming, happy,  confident, articulate and great to spend time with.

Committed to our core values.

Despite diverse backgrounds, our shared values unify us, setting expectations for client service, fostering collaboration, and driving accountability. We believe that by being socially responsible, we can build stronger relationships with all our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, and communities. Join us on our journey towards making a meaningful contribution to society while  promoting a sustainable future.