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Simplifying employee lives,so they can live better and work better, wherever they are.

Work-life balance programs to eliminate all distractions.

When employees are supported in achieving a healthy work-life balance, it not only benefits them individually but also enhances your company’s overall performance. We call that a win-win.

Handle errands including grocery shopping, dry cleaning pick up, or getting prescriptions from the pharmacy
Offload personal tasks such as coordinating home repairs and vacation planning
Support life events including weddings, becoming a parent, buying a home and moving
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Activate the workplace and people.

A dedicated Community Manager invigorates the workplace, using technology, events, external partners, and amenities to build an engaging and positive work experience. They continually capture data, trends, and feedback to improve the overall workplace experience.

Helping employees and their guests navigate onsite amenities
Showcasing the workspace to boost employee engagement and interaction
Managing on-site vendors, facilities, and providing meeting/conference services
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Elevate your employee and guest experience.

Our team creates a personalized experience, ensuring that every individual, including employees, feels valued. From personalized greeting and check-in services to customized amenities, we tailor our services to meet the unique preferences of each employee.

Workspace transformed with hotel-like amenities for enhanced employee experience.
Enhanced guest and visitor experience through elevated service and amenities.
Strategic event and meeting planning for seamless, successful, and memorable experiences.
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Hospitality manager at Circles
Work-life balance program

an engagement

Circles empowered the employees of a global multinational software company to reclaim valuable time in their daily lives.

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