GECINA'S success in attracting new tenants through a dynamic and optimized service offering

Apr 9, 2023

GECINA, a property management company, aimed to attract new tenants to their neighboring assets in Colombes, Paris, by offering a dynamic and optimized service offering.

GECINA manages two sites in Colombes, hosting large distribution, tech, and pharmaceutical companies with a combined surface area of 102,000 m². With many companies relocating closer to Paris, GECINA sought to create synergies and provide two appealing live-work environments with optimized solutions.

To streamline their services, GECINA initiated a call for tenders to select the best service providers for the two assets, ensuring enhanced attractiveness.

Existing amenities included:

*   Two concierge areas and a mini-boutique with 35 and 25 hours of presence per week, respectively

*   A team of personal assistants available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

*   Three spaces dedicated to well-being and health, such as hairdressing, massages, manicures, and aesthetic services, as well as optics

*   Vibrant common areas including an auditorium, conviviality points, gaming area, and outdoor spaces

*   A dynamic entertainment program


Circles collaborated with GECINA to improve the range of services offered to tenants while optimizing their experience. The objectives were to:

*   Enhance the Quality of Life at Work for tenants and employees

*   Promote synergy between the two assets while managing costs

*   Establish partnerships with innovative, high-quality local service providers

*   Assist GECINA in attracting business tenants to these buildings

Our Solution:

Circles worked closely with GECINA to develop tailored solutions:

*   A hybrid concierge service combined with community engagement

*   Deployment of a Community Manager profile at one of the sites to initiate and manage activities across both locations

*   Collaboration with GECINA's community manager to leverage the site's potential by organizing webinars, quizzes, competitions, and inter-company table football tournaments in various common areas

*   Selection of diverse partners in CSR, arts, teambuilding, well-being, and do-it-yourself domains to enrich the service offering


GECINA successfully created attractive premises for tenants by offering a rich and diverse service program and engaging activities in common areas. The collaborative approach and effective communication between Circles and GECINA's community manager were crucial to delivering a compelling tenant experience.

The introduction of new service programming and the presence of a community manager generated increased traffic and engagement on the second asset. The strong presence of occupants at events demonstrated an active and committed community, building client confidence in the appeal of the premises.

Key statistics:

*   76% Net Promoter Score (NPS), with users recommending the services to their colleagues

*   78% of service users reporting a highly positive experience in their workplace

*   Introduction of 11 new services per month, including entertainment, wellness, and car wash services, which enriched the overall service offering.


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