Unlock the Secrets of a Great Place to Work: How Circles became certified (and How You Can Too!)

May 15, 2024

Did you know Circles is certified as a Great Place To Work by the renowned global authority on workplace culture? In fact, 97% of our employees voted Circles as a great place to work!

This acknowledgment underscores our ongoing commitment to fostering an exceptional workplace culture—one where employee wellbeing, engagement, and satisfaction are paramount.

What this means for our clients:

Today organisations face numerous challenges in creating an environment where employees can thrive. As a recognised Great Place to Work company, we bring a wealth of experience in cultivating a wellbeing offering and environment where your team can truly shine.

By focusing on wellbeing and nurturing a vibrant work community, we help your employees avoid burnout and maintain a good work-life balance. With Circles, you're not just surviving the workday; you're thriving in it.

Let’s make your workplace a great place to work

Here's how Circles can help to address common employee wellbeing and workplace challenges:  

Tackling Burnout:

We recognise the toll burnout can take, so our digital and onsite concierge solutions are here to shoulder the burden of day-to-day tasks. Our aim? To create a more balanced work-life dynamic and keep burnout at bay.

Boosting Morale:

Low spirits and disconnection can put a damper on productivity. Our solution? Customised initiatives designed to foster a sense of belonging. With our Community Managers at your service, we're putting the spark back into the workplace.

Putting Mental Health First:

A positive work environment includes prioritising mental wellbeing. Through our work-life-balance and workplace hospitality solutions, we provide resources and programs to cultivate a nurturing and inclusive setting where everyone feels appreciated and welcome.

Improving employee engagement:

Our work-life-balance and workplace hospitality solutions can work in tandem create a consistent experience for your employees, guests and clients. From the first warm welcome into the office, to the out-of-hours life admin support, to holding exciting activities and events that bring everyone together, these solutions will help you become an employer of choice and even be recognised as a Great Place to Work.

Partnering with Circles means gaining access to expertise and resources aimed at elevating your workplace culture and driving positive change. Let's work together to create a workplace where employees thrive. Get in touch today.


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