A Day In The Life: Lucile

Feb 6, 2023

At Circles, our Community Manager Lucile shares her experiences of working at our Marseille, France site. With a background as a Hospitality Manager in the same city, Lucile is an integral part of our team.

Our Community Managers are carefully selected based on their profiles, receive personalised training, and have continuous development opportunities for growth within the company. They embody the values of our clients and act as visible, versatile, and proactive ambassadors who enhance workspaces and create lively office experiences.

Lucile’s daily tasks encompass various missions. Firstly, she adapts to the community and brings it to life by organizing tailor-made events and services. At Circles, we understand the importance of catering to the specific needs, desires, and expectations of on-site employees and clients. To ensure we meet these expectations, our Community Managers regularly distribute personalized satisfaction surveys among our members. By listening to their feedback, we can provide services and actions that are closely aligned with their realities, fostering social connections and improving the quality of life at work. This includes arranging events such as pop-up stores, after work gatherings, team-building activities, and sessions for relaxation techniques like sophrology and massage.

Additionally, Lucile’s second mission involves promoting the activities of her site through various communication channels, including newsletters and other collateral. Our digital platform, My.Circles, plays a crucial role in delivering many of our services remotely. It simplifies daily tasks for employees, reduces their stress levels, and enhances efficiency. As a Community Manager, Lucile utilizes My.Circles for managing remote service requests from members, scheduling and broadcasting events, managing member registrations, accessing a library of lifestyle articles, and sharing benefits and promotions. Through newsletters, she keeps members informed about the latest news and updates from our concierge services.


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