Using partnerships to enhance employee well-being

Dec 20, 2023

Partnerships that cultivate meaningful experiences and foster well-being for employees have become a strategic choice for employers. Read how the right partnerships can weave networks of support, resonating deeply with the needs of both employees and employers.

Partnerships have long been recognized as a powerful tool for growth and success, both personally and professionally. We’re now witnessing an emerging paradigm where employee benefits programs are becoming enhanced by a diverse tapestry of alliances with national brands and local suppliers. These partnerships not only cultivate meaningful experiences and foster well-being for employees, but they have become a strategic choice for employers. They represent a fundamental shift in how organizations can weave networks of support, resonating deeply with the needs of both employees and employers.

Providing value for employers and employees alike

In today’s dynamic landscape, the value embedded within partnerships resonates deeply with employees and their well-being. These collaborations can serve as catalysts, not just saving them time and money but empowering your organization to allocate resources where they matter most. From looking for the perfect bouquet of flowers for their loved one’s birthday to booking a reputable tour for their upcoming vacation, our hand selected partners help minimize your employee’s ‘to-do’ lists and save them both money and time.

For employers, the offers and discounts from our partners can act as an extension of your benefits offering. 60% of employees say benefits are extremely or very important when considering whether to stay with their current employer, so it’s clear why employee benefits, and the valuable partnerships that help deliver them, play a vital role in retaining employees.

In this ultra-competitive employee-driven market, employee benefits are table stakes. But organizations can up the ante when they offer discounts on practical products and services that employees need and really use in their everyday lives. Doing so demonstrates your company’s investment in their well-being and shows employees how much their company cares about them as human beings.

Employee support that enhances well-being and work-life balance

Partnerships between organizations and carefully selected service providers offer a gateway to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle for employees. These alliances transcend conventional offerings, providing exclusive access to products and services that not only promote physical well-being but also alleviate stress, fostering a work environment conducive to focus and productivity. Consider the depth of these partnerships:

Work-life balance services: from everyday necessities to the most unique requests, they enable employees to reclaim time otherwise lost in menial tasks. While the internet might offer information, the true value lies in the ability to fulfill needs quickly and efficiently without distraction. At Circles, each fulfilled request, on average, saves over three hours of laborious legwork. These partnerships seamlessly cater to various life events, supporting employees through family expansions, transitions, celebrations of love, home-making endeavors, educational pursuits and career growth.

Practical offers and discounts: At Circles, partnerships extend beyond the ordinary, offering employees access to a treasure trove of do-it-yourself services and exclusive discounts from renowned brands. These carefully curated offers include discounted eGift cards and a wide array of practical savings, ensuring employees receive top-quality products at the best value. From wellness items like Kind bars to educational courses on platforms like LinkedIn Learning, the discounts cover the diverse needs of your entire employee population, saving everyone both time and money.

Partnerships at Circles

Our partnerships are rooted in trust and reliability. Each partner undergoes rigorous vetting, ensuring credibility and ethical practices. We meticulously evaluate their background, certifications, and reputation to align with our commitment to enhancing work-life balance.

Our partnerships transcend convenience; they are strategic alliances that undergo regular review to ensure they contribute meaningfully to our shared vision. Partners must be willing to submit an exclusive offer or discount for a minimum of one to three months. To ensure our services and partners continue to contribute to our mission of delivering work-life balance, we review and refine our partnerships annually to assess.

Partnerships have the power to unlock mutual benefits that improve employee work-life balance, and foster connections that build community. Our commitment to maintaining top-notch partners means employees have resources to help them flourish, and when employees flourish, companies will, too.


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