Creating the Workplace of the Future

Nov 7, 2023

An HR leaders guide to understanding the importance of social connection and well-being in the workplace. Our research-based eBook paints an accurate picture of the workplace experience today, with actionable insights from Circles thought leaders and work-life balance experts.

A 2023 survey by the American Psychological Association revealed that 94% of of today's workforce say it’s somewhat or very important to them that their workplace be somewhere they feel they belong. But shockingly, 50% don't feel supported, or that they belong. This eBook explores these business critical topics:

  • The current state of the workplace experience
  • The importance of work-life balance in employee retention
  • Which work arrangements provide the best workplace experience
  • How workplace socialization improves employee and business performance

This comprehensive resource helps HR practitioners and business leaders create a thriving culture that contributes to business success.

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