Top 5 strategies for working parents

Jun 20, 2023

In a competitive talent market, it is crucial for employers to prioritize the implementation of innovative solutions that support working parents. This will help attract and retain top talent, increase engagement, and lower costs.

In a competitive talent market, it is crucial for employers to prioritize the implementation of innovative solutions that support working parents. This will help attract and retain top talent, increase engagement, and lower costs. If you’re looking for ways to retain and support your talented parent and caregiver employees, here are some benefits you might consider:

A Working Parents Employee Resource Group

Employee resource groups (ERG) help different sets of people at a company feel connected and can strengthen employee engagement. A Working Parents ERG can be an invaluable resource for employees who are juggling the demands of both work and family. This group provides a supportive community where working parents can share experiences, challenges, and best practices for managing the competing demands of work and family life.

Moreover, a Working Parents ERG can be a powerful tool for creating a more supportive and family-friendly culture at your company. By providing resources and support for working parents, you can demonstrate that your company values the contributions of all employees, regardless of their family status or responsibilities. This can help to attract and retain top talent, particularly those who prioritize work-life balance and family-friendly policies.

Help Parents Balance Work and Life

In recognition of the challenges faced by working parents in balancing work and personal life, companies are taking steps to assist their employees in managing their time effectively. One such measure is the addition of concierge and errand running benefits, which can help in offloading various household chores, personal tasks, and other responsibilities, such as researching daycare options, making travel and event plans, and arranging meal delivery. Some employers also offer onsite amenities to help working parents with their daily tasks, such as dry cleaning, car washes, and massages. By providing these host of benefits, companies can ease the burden on working parents, allowing them to focus on their work while also improving overall employee engagement, retention and productivity.

Support Childcare to Ease Burden

One way for employers to show support for their employees is by offering emergency childcare assistance to working parents who may face unexpected needs. They can extend support to parents during times when securing childcare can be challenging, like holidays, through various means. This aid may come in the form of on- or off-site summer camps, partnerships with third-party providers to help locate childcare resources with ease, and discount portals for reduced-price family outings during weekends or holidays, which can ease financial burdens while entertaining children.

Create Inclusiveness in All Policies

It is essential to ensure that company policies are inclusive and meet the needs of all types of parents and expectant parents, including mothers, fathers, adoptive parents, and individuals undergoing IVF treatments. It’s not just parents who might require support, as some employees may also be caring for elderly parents or other family members. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide a work-life balance that works for everyone. Ensure that your parenting programs and policies are inclusive, visible, and readily accessible so that all employees can benefit from the support available to them.

Explore Flexible Work Arrangements

Parents often find themselves in situations where they must alter their work schedules or arrangements to cater to their children’s requirements. In such cases, any flexibility provided by an employer can make a significant difference. Flexibility may come in several forms, such as swapping schedules at short notice due to unforeseen childcare issues or adjusting work hours to accommodate daycare or school pick-ups. Even offering more flexibility with remote work can go a long way in assisting parents in managing their work-life balance effectively.

Looking Ahead

By prioritizing the well-being of their employees and offering the necessary support, employers can foster a positive and inclusive work environment that benefits all employees. This approach not only promotes job satisfaction and retention among parents but also demonstrates a commitment to creating a workplace culture that values and supports the diverse needs of all employees.


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