Q3/4 2024 Workplace Trends Report

Jul 15, 2024

Challenges around employee retention and well-being continue in 2024 — but companies that prioritize employee well-being and workplace culture will increase retention rates and be better positioned to thrive in the coming year. Our Q3/4 2024 Trends Report covers important business trends and provides fresh insights, best practices and practical strategies you can put into action right now.

Our 48-page research-based eBook delivers workplace insights and trends in work-life balance, employee well-being and company culture. Explore business critical topics and come away knowing:

  • Actionable strategies to improve employee retention
  • How promoting employee well-being leads to positive business outcomes
  • How to use culture to attract top talent and connect your workforce
  • Return to office mandates and how they impact employee well-being
  • How to identify key demographics and craft strategies specifically for them
  • The positives and negatives of AI in HR

This information-packed tool will helps HR practitioners and business leaders create a thriving culture where everyone feels valued, supported and connected.

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