Law firm seamlessly transitions to new concierge provider and usage soars 175%

Feb 12, 2024

A global law firm needed to improve concierge support to their attorneys and partners, and have a more predictable cost structure for their errand running services. See how Circles created a program that provided comprehensive support using high touch and high-tech services.

The background:

One of the world’s premier law firms was looking to improve its concierge services to better support their attorneys and partners. Service levels from their current provider were inconsistent and unreliable, at best. They needed more active and forward-thinking account management and a predictable cost structure to budget more effectively. Finding and moving to a new partner seemed daunting, but the program was underperforming and not meeting the firm’s expectations.

The Circles solution:

The Circles team approached the law firm with a solution that would better fit their needs. The Circles team worked with the firm's Associate Engagement leadership to tailor a new, more robust program. It was designed similar to their current program but with additional value-added features that included unlimited errand running priced at a flat rate, giving them more consistent fulfillment across all locations and a more predictable budget. The Circles team presented a side-by-side comparison of the current and proposed program inclusions, benefits and costs, along with industry benchmarks from other legal clients. This data-driven approach empowered the client to make an informed decision. Circles guided the seamless transition and the program launched in under six weeks.

Their virtual program includes:

  • A personalized web and mobile experience, supported 24/7 by Circles work-life balance advocates
  • Global support for users, with +1 benefit for spouse, partner, significant other at no additional cost
  • Unlimited errand running services in US cities including New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Washington, and Palo Alto; and international cities including Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore and Toronto
  • A dedicated account director to provide constant communication and strategic direction including quarterly reporting, employee surveys and annual business reviews
  • Ongoing marketing support to promote the program, including monthly enewsletters
  • Customized, exclusive time- and money-saving offers and discounts from local and national partners

The outcome:

The program provides comprehensive support to over 2,000 firm staff worldwide. Services range from everyday lifestyle support like securing dinner reservations and handling local errands, to fulfilling unique requests like arranging rug cleaning services, to helping manage hundreds of intricate details during significant life events like relocation and marriage. With Circles high-touch and high-tech solutions, overall usage increased 175%, and unique user participation increased 127%.

3-month comparison:

“I love this service. I often can't leave work to make returns across the city during the day while the stores are open. Circles makes my life so much easier.”

– Caroline


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