Three simple rules for employee engagement

Sep 12, 2023
engaged employees at desk

Engagement at work is incredibly important - yet research from Gallup has found that 57% of those surveyed are currently feeling disengaged at work. What can employers do?

Prioritize work-life balance: Engagement at work comes from feeling as though work is fulfilling with manageable stress factors. Research from the CEB, now Gartner who represent 80% of Fortune 500 companies found that employees who felt they had a good work-life balance worked 21% harder than those who didn't.

Open dialogue with employees: A study by the The Workforce Institute found that highly engaged employees are more likely to feel as though they are heard at work (92%) than highly disengaged employees (30%). Furthermore, 74% of staff consider themselves to be more effective at their jobs when they feel heard in the workplace.

Focus on wellness: Showing staff that you care about them as people can improve engagement. Studies show that focusing on the health and wellbeing of employees can make them feel more engaged and save money in the long run through reduced absence. Morneau Shepell found that the wellness strategies helped reduce absenteeism, leading to more engaged and cared for workers.

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