Supporting breaks and breakthroughs at AstraZeneca

Aug 14, 2023

AstraZeneca, during the race to find a Covid vaccine, wanted to support the work-life balance of employees by providing a wellbeing service that maximised productivity and focus, while removing stress and distractions at work, at home and all the moments in between.

The Circles solution:

Working with the AstraZeneca, Circles developed a digital work-life balance program that offered unlimited life admin, travel planning and other time-saving services. The program included:

  • A personalised web and mobile experience, supported 24/7 by Circles work-life balance advocates
  • An online solution that could also be used by a spouse or family member
  • Monthly emails to remind employees of the program that could help make their     work-life more balanced

The program launched to over3,000 UK employees. Program activations soon reached over 50% of the eligible employee population with a high monthly usage and great employee feedback. Talks about rolling out the program to more of their employee population is being discussed.

The outcome:

Providing Astra Zeneca employees with work-life balance services saved employees on average 2 hours 45 minutes, delivering upwards of 100+ requests per month while achieving an excellent program satisfaction score of 94%.


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