Creating a world-class hub for collaboration and innovation and Sodexo HQ, London.

Nov 22, 2023

Sodexo want to support the transition of people returning to the office by creating a world-class workplace for employees and visitors to experience. By creating a flexible and dynamic working environment, employees will feel more inspired and productive.

The Circles solution:

The Community Manager organises events from start to finish within the guidelines set by the organisation. Drums up awareness and interest with marketing communications. Forms the distribution lists. Fully runs and manages the event on the day. Follows-up the event with feedback, inputted into Salesforce CRM to provide KPI's back to the client.

  • Launched Feb 2023.
  • Embedded into the current culture, understanding the needs of the client.
  • Promotion and engagement of the community manager program, what the role is, how to get involved.
  • Manage and promote new onsite facilities such as community hub apps and food delivery services.
  • On the ground support and promotion of these once approved and live.

Events and activities at HQ

  • Pride celebration event
  • Stop Hunger charity giveaway
  • Fortnum & Mason showcase
  • Ted Talk - Mental health

A warm welcome

Doesn't matter how many times you visit, several times a week or once a month, you receive the same personalised welcome to the workplace every time.

Impact on the local community

Working with local communities and business to supply food, events, transport etc. for the events and activities, as well supporting and raising money for local charities.

Feedback so far:

The program delivers 6 events on average per month with a growing attendance rate and a 90%employee satisfaction score.

"Great events so far, really keen to do more in the future" – Account director of property

"A great way to socialise, network and have fun at the office"

"I loved the transformation of the space"

"Lovely to come back to the office this week, something about the atmosphere.


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