Circles reimagines work-life balance and stronger employee connections in future of workplace

Oct 10, 2023

Circles has rebranded to simultaneously address challenges of balancing work-life demands, enhancing productivity, and fostering a stronger workplace community.

Circles, a Sodexo company and a leading provider of work-life balance and employee experience solutions, has adapted their personalized services to simultaneously address the challenge of balancing employee work-life needs, sustain productivity, and foster a stronger sense of belonging in the workplace.

Circles recent research, led by the Sodexo Insights team in collaboration with YouGov, found that, among 3,000 respondents, a positive work-lifebalance is the top priority among the 10 factors individuals consider when choosing or staying with an employer, aside from compensation.

Additionally, the study reveals that the majority of employees (more than 80%) are now adopting a hybrid work model as they return to the office. In this context, employees seek a work environment that promotes socialization and collaboration.

With a global reach, Circles goes beyond conventional employee support programs by delivering personalized work-life balance, community management, and hospitality solutions that create tangible value for employers. For example, Circle’s community management service serves as a mobile host for companies, handling the organization of both in-person and remote events, managing employee amenities, and facilitating communication between departments. Circles takes care of daily personal tasks—from chores to planning holidays—so employees can focus on their work. These solutions drive business growth, foster vibrant workplace communities, and have a profound impact on employees’ lives.

According to Yohan Dehe, CEO of Circles, “The relationship of work has changed drastically in the last several years. More than ever, employees are increasingly looking for a healthy work-life balance and a sense of belonging in the workplace. We provide organizations with the necessary tools to foster a climate of balance, engagement, and growth”.

The company also reports that employees who use Circle’s services save an average of three hours for each request. They also report an average net promoter score (NPS) of 80, which measures Circle’s customer experience success across a large sample of members to identify accurate trends and track our business improvement success.

Teaming up with Circles was a total game-changer for us. Their solution enhanced our team members’ engagement and well-being by providing a truly holistic and flexible work-life experience. We saw benefits across the board, even for our remote workers. Our employees were happier, more satisfied, and we were able to save resources, all while putting an increased focus on delivering top-notch patient care." said Michele Harris Manager, Work Life Services, Wellstar.

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