Attracting Talent: Redesigning spaces and services for an international industry leader

May 22, 2023

Learn how an international industry leader in France re-designed spaces and services to attract new talent and enhance employee satisfaction.

Our client is a global industry leader, with its world headquarters in France. They faced the challenge of attracting new talent in the employment area, which led them to re-think their spaces and services to provide a better employee experience.

Our client sought to improve their employer brand by enriching their workplace experience with complementary services and activities beyond those provided by the Social and Economic Committee. Circles was tasked with enhancing the employee experience and making the workspace more attractive.

The Circles team worked with our client to develop customized solutions, which included:

  • High-end concierge services and community management featuring a Community Manager with a strong local network and cultural knowledge
  • Redesigning spaces, including a large wellness area designed by architects and a gaming area
  • Diversifying services, including wellness services, such as massages, hairdressing, and manicures; food trucks offering fruit and vegetables; and car wash and bike repair services
  • Offering a wide variety of activities regularly in common areas, such as competitions, animations, and shared libraries


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