The Complete Guide to Workplace Hospitality UK

Apr 4, 2024

Hospitality is a rising workplace strategy that models the employee (and guest) experience to that of a high end luxury hotel. In our Complete Guide to Workplace Hospitality, learn how to elevate your brand and culture, making your office commute-worthy for employees and destination-worthy for visitors.

This eBook is your "how-to" handbook for creating a culture of excellence using the foundations of hospitality. The Complete Guide to Workplace Hospitality covers the trending workplace strategy of "hotelification," with key insights and actionable strategies including:

  • The evolving workplace landscape and it’s key challenges
  • What is “hotelification,” who should use it, and how does it work
  • Using hospitality as part of a holistic people strategy
  • Workplace hospitality examples in action
  • Measuring the impact of workplace hospitality

This comprehensive resource helps HR & FM practitioners and business leaders create a thriving culture where everyone is happy, collaborative and productive.

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