Providing the NHS with a 24/7 ally in the battle with burnout

Jul 24, 2023

Designed to give NHS workers time back, Circles wellbeing solutions were implemented to support a healthy work-life balance. Not only benefiting the individual but also helping to improve the care they give to patients.

The objective:

To help NHS staff save time so they can focus on the things that matter. Achieving a positive work-life balance and minimise stress levels.

The Circles solution:

Working with the NHS, Circles developed a tailored digital work-life balance program that offered unlimited life admin, travel planning and other time and money saving services. The program included:

  • A personalised web and mobile experience, supported 24/7 by Circles work-life balance advocates
  • An wellbeing service that could also be used by a spouse or family member
  • Assigned a dedicated on-site communications executive focused solely on promoting the wellbeing service to the several hospitals within the trust.
  • Monthly emails to remind NHS staff about the program that could help make their work-life more balanced


The outcome:

The program launched to over 28,000members of the NHS, with the wellbeing program saving people over 3 hours peruse.

94% of NHS staff use this time-saving service during shift hours so they can focus on delivering exceptional care and support.


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