Hospitality program at corporate HQ personalises visitor experience with 100% satisfaction

Jan 8, 2024

A leading hospitality company wanted employees and visitors at their new HQ to feel welcomed, energised, productive and leave with a lasting impression of world-class service. See how Circles created a central hub that focused on the visitor experience, engaged employees throughout their day and make guests feel welcomed.

The background:

A leading hospitality company wanted to extend the same hospitality experience they gave to their customers, to employees and visitors in their newly redesigned headquarters. With over 7,000 properties and one million+ rooms in 124 countries, they clearly know how to deliver exceptional service in a hotel setting. They sought a service provider with equally high quality standards to deliver that same service in a corporate setting. More specifically, they wanted each employee and visitor that came to their headquarters to feel welcomed, energised, productive and leave with a lasting impression of world-class service.

The Circles solution:

Circles consulted with the hotel’s brand and workplace services teams to design and implement a world-class employee and visitor experience. After reviewing space designs, employee demographic information, visitor volume trends and local community activity, Circles created a central hub that was the focal point of their headquarter entrance. It would focus on the visitor experience, engage employees throughout their day, make guests feel welcomed, and continually add value and awareness for their brand. Their hospitality program includes:

  • A unique visitor experience program that engages employees and visitors at every point during their visit
  • A customised employee and guest experience that uses data and preferences for personalisation
  • A Hospitality Manager and dedicated team who serve as site ambassadors to fully support employee and visitor needs
  • A wide scope of workplace experience services including a dedicated welcome desk, badging and lobby oversight, sundries and personal items, visitor management and wayfinding services, luggage handling, switchboard services, conference room management, concierge services, and more

The outcome:

Annually, the Circles hospitality team supports 100,000+ employees and guests; surveyed employees confirmed 100% satisfaction with the hospitality team.

“We had a small group of vendor partners visit and could not stop talking about how wonderful your team made them feel upon arrival at the HQ. “They made us feel like family” were their exact words. What a stellar impression! These partners are already looking forward to their next visit.”

– HQ Director


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