A guide to employee benefits for law firms

May 13, 2024

Legal practices who provide employee support services and work-life benefits create a supportive and thriving workplace that attracts top talent.

Law firms, increasingly challenged with attracting and retaining talent, are seeing the value of offering comprehensive benefits as a critical component of their people strategy. In fact, nearly two-thirds of legal professionals have experienced burnout due to their work according to new research by Realm Recruit.

In this guide we cover:

  • How you can use benefits as a competitive advantage in the legal industry
  • How to promote a good work-life balance in your workplace
  • and the "Hidden" benefit you need to consider.

Whether it's providing work-life balance programs, errand running services, or community building activities, Circles is dedicated to creating the positive work environment that reduces stress and promotes wellbeing for attorneys and support staff alike.


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